"Das Puppenhaus" (meaning doll house) opened it doors more than twenty-five years ago in the historic district of Bayreuth, Germany. The retail store is located at Kämmereigasse 1, at the rear of the renowned "Stadtkirche". Since its opening day, Das Puppenhaus has conquered the hearts of many antique doll and toy collectors, as well as lovers of miniatures and doll houses in Germany, Europe and around the world. There are many who consider Das Puppenhaus a doll and miniature paradise that leaves no dream unfulfilled.

A historic town house dating back to 1686 is home to the store. The building is only about 5.5 yards wide and four stories high. The store's offerings include antique dolls and toys, miniatures from around the world, building sets and accessories for doll houses, as well as a large selection of dresses, shoes, stockings and accessories for the doll artist. Bear makers can enjoy fabrics, joint sets, eyes and much more. Small gifts, note cards and books are also for sale.

The inventory of miniatures in the scale of 1:12 (these tiny objects resemble their real life counterparts in every small detail) is extensive and I, the store proprietor, travel around the world to acquire them. Many of the miniatures available originate in the United States, England, Holland and France. At Das Puppenhaus you can furnish living and bedrooms, coffee shops, stores, or whole doll houses with several floors, with all the items found in a real house or even start building them from scratch. From roof shingles to gutters, floors to door knobs, wall paper to electric supplies - Das Puppenhaus is a "Home Depot" for doll houses. I also offer dollhouse construction to any stage desired - framed or finished.

Truly yours,

Inga Grüninger
Member UFDC and Antique Doll Club London

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